Timeline of history

Prior to the campaign

0 YK – The Dark Ones are driven off, Men establish rule in the ruins
44 YK – Founding of Irecia
112 YK – Ramathia annexed into the Kingdom. Small port of Skalfier established off coast of mainland to connect to Ramathia.
118 YK – Founding of Enonia
905 YK – The cult of Tangadorin is established.
920 YK – “St. Eggyx” establishes a Monastery near Enonia.
1145 YK – The Shriving
1161 YK, 0 AD – The Doom of Man
46 AD – Battle of McGuillicuddy’s Farm – Marshall Henrick Roehm is killed.

The Line of Kings for the Lands of Men can be found here.

Campaign History


  • By order of Marshall Roehm, a settlement is established in Valenia, south of the Dalewoods, in hopes that a foothold can be established.

55AD/Summer (Campaign Start)

  • A Troll Mage, living under the bridge just in the Dalewoods, east of Enonia, kills an entire band of adventurers.
  • Kobalds raid the farms around Enonia for food.
  • Melchert, former 2nd in command to Phaellym the priest, is killed by adventurers who discover he is a Priest of Chaos (was under influence of THE MASTER who is in contact with the Dark Ones). Phaellym, the Priest of Light and in charge of the Temple in Enonia, commits suicide in despair.


  • A group of the Damned attack Enonia.
  • The New Hope settlement is wiped out.


  • On orders from Marshall Roehm, adventurers begin clearing out Inn to retake it from the Goblyns and Kobalds.
  • Goblyn King Grimthack meetings in parley with Marshall Roehm to declare that the Red Goblyns from the Monastery are not under his control, but somehow changed. A truce is agreed upon, but the humans must deal with the Red goblyns.
  • A mercenary group, under the command of a woman named Anya, establishes a base in Enonia.
  • A mysterious burnt area along the path to the Inn is discovered – nothing grows there.
  • Roehm attempts to recover/retake the Inn from Goblyns and Kobalds.


  • An earthquake strikes the lands.
  • Adventurers find an abandoned Wizard’s Tower in the Irecian plans, west of the lost city of Irecia. It is explored.
  • A Crystal Floating Tower is seen over the Dalewoods, and it begins to head to the general direction of Enonia. It soon moves towards the Monastery of St. Eggyx. The monastery has become the source of the mysterious horde of Red Goblyns.
  • Averin, the priestess (replacement) of the Temple of Light, arrives in Enonia.
  • Adventurers discover and open a strange Door in the Monastery which leads to Moebius stairs and bloodsucking beasts. Beyond, there is a Hall of pillars/blackness. A second area is found under a huge crevass in the old chapel of the Monastery.


  • An ancient altar to a lost god – Vanir – is found. His warrior/cleric, Kjeld, establishes a small hold in Enonia with permission of the Marshall.


  • Adventurers find evidence that the Dwarves were aware of the mysterious caverns under the Monastery of St Eggyx.
  • Elves make a surprise appearance in force at the gates of Enonia. Declaring that the Dwarven Mines to the southeast are “dangerous”, the elves set up a small fort opposite the mines and begin an operation to destroy the mines and any artifacts within.
  • Adventurers also make the first foray to the outskirts of Irecia, finding evidence of activity (in the form of smoke drifting from within the city walls) as well as evidence of the Damned.
  • Farmers living north of Enonia abandon their homes due to the attacks of the Red Goblyns and numbers of undead creatures.
  • The harvest is especially poor, with crops dying suddenly. Only half of what was expected (or needed) was taken in.


  • A monstrous slug attacks the eastern gate of Enonia.
  • Adventurers find evidence that a Dragon had been lurking around Inn, where goblyns had been holed up.
  • Adventurers find evidence that Orcs have become very active in the plains of Irecia, encountering patrols and evidence of battles between Orcs and the Damned. They seem to bear strange weapons at times – called “deathsticks” by some.
  • Orcs wipe out the elves who were fortressed near the dwarven mines. It is discovered that the remaining Kobalds have also been driven out from the Dwarven mines. The Kobalds give evidence that they are being attacked by both Orcs and Goblyns now.
  • Yinivax takes over the duties as Marshall temporarily for Roehm, who suffered a nervous breakdown.
  • An old tower, formerly attributed to the cult of Tangadorin, is found in the northern part of the Plains of Irecia. A priest by the name of Jorann, finds evidence of that Tangadorin is another lost god and establishes a church in his name.


  • Adventurers delve into the caverns and mysterious areas beneath the Monastery chapel. They fight and defeat a Red Goblyn shaman, but encounter stranger areas further beyond, where they encounter supposedly constructs of mysterious energy, plants which transform normal goblyns into the mysterious Red Goblyns, and evidence of mysterious pillars of “Chaos” power.


  • Adventurers find evidence that there are small pockets of humans still living in the Irecian plains.
  • Adventurers discover that the Orcs and Goblyns are taking humans as slaves. Roehm declares the truce with the Goblyns is null and void. Adventurers free some of the slaves and interrupt a religious ritual/sacrifice being performed by an Orc Shaman. Anya, the former leader of the mercenary group headquartered in Enonia, is killed during the battle.
  • Deeper Mines within the Ancient Dwarven Mines are found and explored by some Adventurers. Ancient Dwarven records are recovered.
  • Adventurers find a mysterious pillar of “Chaos” power in the Dwarven mines. The mage Asgrim, from Enonia, destroys it at the cost of his life.


  • A surviving band of Kobalds is discovered living around Crystal Lake.
  • It is found that Orcs are fortifying the old abandoned Wayfarer’s Inn.
  • Sir Reynald, an adventuring noble from further west in the Irecian Holds, sets up camp in the old Elvish fort near the Dwarven Mines. He begins converting it to a Keep and starts to send out patrols to harass the Orcs and Goblyns.

57AD/Winter (campaign pause)

  • The orcs and goblyns continue to harass Enonia from the East and South. The Red Goblyns continue to attack from the north.

58AD/Spring (campaign restart)

  • Sir Reynald assaults the Monastery of St. Eggyx twice, intent on “clearing the Corruption” from the ruins. He encamps there with a force of men.

Timeline of history

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