Sir Gurney Yinivax

Castellan of the Enonian Keep, Captain of Marshall Roehm's troops



Sir Gurney Yinivax is the longtime Castellan of the Enonia Keep and the captain of Marshall Victor Roehm’s troops. The Yinivax family has long been of service to the Roehm family, since the days of Enonia’s founding.

Sir Yinivax has seen many battles, mostly in the late 30 – 48 AD period when goblyn and ko-bald attacks peaked. He succeeded his father in 47 AD in leading the Enonian forces and being personally assigned to the Marshall. Sir Yinivax is known for his proud loyalty to the Marshall, but more importantly, his loyalty to his troops and the citizens that he protects. While the Marshall has been distant and aloof, Yinivax has been hands on. Get a trooper to drink enough and he’ll confess that it is more likely the work of Yinivax that has protected Enonia till now, more than anything else.

Sir Yinivax has no surviving children and it is feared that his family’s service may end with his death.

Sir Gurney Yinivax

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