The Striped Wizard

Deceased, A mage with a largely unknown past


Many rumors abound about the mage who wore a robe of red/white stripes. He appeared in Enonia some years ago and asked many questions about Enonia and a lake in the Dalewoods known as Crystal Lake. He disappeared shortly thereafter and has never been seen since.

It was wide rumored that Isrisu spoke of the Striped Mage during her madness.

“He is an aberrant destroyer far too twisted to still remain human,… until I find out his name his atrocities haunt in my head.” ~ Izil

It is believed that the Striped wizard raised and resides in the Crystal Tower. This was confirmed by adventurers making their way into his floating tower once it floated to within reach over the Monastery of St. Eggyx.

The Striped Wizard is now deceased, having sacrificed himself to close the Portal that his former apprentice sought to open in the Monastery.

The Striped Wizard

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