Light-fingered Bon Viveur


Human Thief, Level 5, handy with a long sword.


“Does my character sheet say ‘Lawful Good’ here? No, it doesn’t…!”

Irem is a rogueish dandy who has heard the many rumours about the new opportunities that are starting to open up on the Eastern Borders. He has thus come to Enonia to seek his fortune in the wild lands to the East and perhaps even Irecia…

Although by no means wealthy, he makes an effort to appear well-dressed and respectable, but not too obvious (that would be a liability in his profession!). He can often be round in the various drinking establishments in the Town, and has a fondness for the ladies and fine wines. He is sometimes seen confering with Ward, the barkeep of the Militaman and Bawd, a seedy tavern at the edge of town.

During the time he has been in Enonia, he has developed a wide and varied range of business interests and is also a member of the Merchants’ Guild. He may also sometimes be found taking advantage of the hospitality offered by Jorann’s temple.

Due to a traumatic encounter with some subteranean blood-sucking flying beasties soon after his arrival in Enonia, he has an irrational fear of birds.


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