These are the woods immediately to the east of the town of Enonia and lie between it and the former city of Irecia. The road to Irecia goes through the Dalewoods.

An hour or so east of the village, the wilderness reclaims most of the road, leaving behind a jumbled clutter of mismatched stones and upended way-markers. With careful orienteering, a traveller might be able to navigate the ruined road through the Dalewoods—but beware the bridge! A foul beast possessed of a fearsome appetite lurks in its shadows! Take care to give it a wide berth as you travel east.
[His children report that the troll has been “called” by the forces of Chaos and he has left his home to heed the summons.]

Further down the river live the mysterious “Sisters”, who purchased Izil.

The Crystal Tower originally resided by a lake in the Dalewoods.


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