Monastery of St. Eggyx

Abandoned, ruined monastery north of Enonia. Established in 920YK by St. Eggyx.

V0 master

From Aramis’s notes: ( 3 29 Game Notes):
“Anyway, we continued on to the monastery, and arrived in about 3 hours travel. It only took about ½ hour to find a passage leading down into the temples bowels. In the course of the day, we covered about half the catacombs, routed out about a dozen goblins, some large spiders, numerous giant rats, and a few other creatures that were unidentifiable. We found no direct treasure, but located a number of items, including a candlestick and a couple of books.”

Melchert, former apprentice to Phaellym, was found and killed in the catacombs. There is also a large iron door in a room that is locked and has much writing on it.

The door and the cracks in the earth lead to places of Chaos.

This location has been visited many times by the adventuring party of Kee, Alana, Irem, Jorann, Mazlor, Oliphas, Selwyn and Hamgrin (the latter two now sadly RIP).
They have found the sacred finger of St. Eggyx and the Iron key that opens the great iron protal. Beyond it is a magical gateway to a complex populated by deformed and degenerate red-skinned goblins, as well as strange and frightening illusionary magics. Undoubtedly, this is an entrance to the realm of the Dark Ones!

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[Late January 2011]

Kee, Alana, Irem,Teela, Mazlor, Oliphas, Treen and Talos have investigated the caverns beyone the crevice in the ruined altar room. This leads to a encampment populated by degenerate red goblins who follow “The Master” (which we believe to the Dark Ones). These evil goblins and their shaman were bested in a pitched battle with the adventurers. Beyond their living quarters were a series of subterranean waterways, including one which flowed from a magical portal similar to the one beyond the Iron door. It is believed that these waterways must connect to the passages beyond the door.

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The Monastery has recently been purged!
The The Striped Wizard’s evil ex-apprentice Roe was slain and his plan to gate Dark Ones in foiled. The Striped Wizard gave his life to permanently close down the portal.

Monastery of St. Eggyx

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