The Dalewoods Wayfarers Inn

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Wayfarer’s Inns were put up roughly a day’s travel by foot along the roads of major cities and locations. These were partially funded by the local rulers who taxed the Inn, but also maintained guards and services.

Rumors suggest that a magical sword can be found in the vicinity of the Inn, and that a majestic dragon has taken up residence in the area!

As of early spring, the inn is filled with goblins and heavily defended. The first level and much of the second level have been explored, but maps are a bit sketchy.

More recent visits suggest that the remains of the inn has been frequently visited by a large flying creature (possibly a dragon). All the above ground structures have now been reduced to rubble. The entrance to the underground areas have been buried and cannot be easily found. Perhaps a party with an adventurer whom has previously visited or has a map in their possession may be able to relocate this entrance….

The clearing has been expanded and a crude palisade fort constructed by orcs.
Patrols run towards Enonia and to other destinations.

Late 2015:

The Fort is reclaimed by humans
The Assault on the Orc Fort
Victory at the Fort

The Dalewoods Wayfarers Inn

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